Providing meaningful messages through Film and Local Broadcast

Our Mission

UP2U Films exists to provide meaningful messages through films & local broadcasting to help communities through churches and faith-based organizations. We want to help churches reach the hurting with powerful messages of God’s love for all mankind.

Our customized ads are intended to go directly where the message of Christ is needed the most…in the home. As families and individuals watch television, they are presented with a simple message dealing with everyday situations. Situations that are ripping apart families and relationships.

We believe that most of today’s programming is directly and intentionally targeted at destroying God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ. Our low-cost ads will help you reach individuals and families right in your local community, people within minutes of your church.

With our ads, we send a powerful message while entertaining millions on the big screen. We deliver the audience directives that they can apply to their own life journey. Relating our films to every area of people’s lives is our heart’s desire. If you’ve been looking for something different and more effective, UP2U Films is here to help you plant that seed!

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